Stacy Ostlund, Paul Akiyama, Gary Maples

Akiyama Architecture, LLC is structured to offer our clients boutique personalized service. Our clients enjoy personal attention from our experienced lead architects. We do not “hand-off” clients’ projects to less experienced staff behind the scenes in the office. Our lead architect’s stay with your project throughout the duration. Your phone call will be received directly by the lead architect you choose to call resulting in direct and immediate response. A receptionist will not intercept and screen your call. Feel free to call any one of us to say hello
and discover how we may meet your project needs.

Our lead architects are;

Stacy Ostlund, Architect. Mobile number is 253-307-0937. Ms. Ostlund has a Bachelor of Architecture degree from
Washington State University and is licensed in Washington State. She has recently completed a complex biotechnology project that includes chemistry, immunology, and corporate headquarters. In her spare time Ms. Ostlund enjoys serving in our community.

Gary Maples, Architect. Mobile number is 253-381-2977. Mr. Maples has a Masters of Architecture with emphasis in healthcare. He is licensed in Washington State and has completed several healthcare
facilities in our area. He has also served as Owner’s representative for a regional healthcare organization. Gary understands the Owner’s perspective. After hours, he and his wife enjoy gardening at their country home.

Paul Akiyama, Architect and LLC
Proprietor and Manager.
Mobile number is 253-303-2911. Mr. Akiyama has a Bachelor of Architecture degree from
Washington State University and is licensed in Washington State. His career has encompassed both architecture and construction management. As an architect with construction experience Paul’s strengths deliver creative, practical solutions. Our clients enjoy the collaborative processes and contracting expertise that lead to economically successful projects. In his spare time, Paul enjoys volunteering in his community.



Paul Akiyama has based Akiyama Architecture on over 36 years of professional experience, which includes an investment of over 10 years in the construction industry. The early years of construction experience includes framing and layout, finish carpentry, siding, roofing, taping and gypsum wallboard installation to later years in construction management and preconstruction management. This investment is paramount, enabling us to provide responsible architectural services with the confidence of offering visionary creative design solutions for our clients. Paul has served as lead architect on several notable projects in the greater Tacoma community;

Allow us to serve you, being a part of your team in serving our community.


Our diverse background in architecture and construction allows us to offer distinctive services in:


(The positions of our gracious clients quoted were held during the time of the project.)

MultiCare Medical Park

“Paul Akiyama served as the lead architect on the development of a unique, first-of-its-kind medical office building project with MultiCare Health System. His creativity, dedication, patience and strong interpersonal skills had a major positive impact on the award-winning project.”

John Long, Strategic Executive

The Bear Creek School

“Paul Akiyama not only listened to the ideas and concerns we presented, but took time to catch our vision and understand the school culture. The product of his creativity is a 90,000sf facility that architecturally enhances our values, mission and vision. In fact, it has exceeded our expectations. Since we occupied the facility, not a week has gone by that someone has not remarked on its beauty and functionality. Both our parent constituency and donor base have expressed their great appreciation and delight in the outcome.”

Nancy Price, Head of School.

Washington State University

“Over the past 12 years I have had the opportunity to work with many different architects as Project Architects, but seldom have I had the pleasure of working with a more dedicated and knowledgeable architect than Paul. He is very professional and extremely organized in his work. Paul holds the interest of the client first and foremost above everything else. Paul will take a genuine, personal interest in the project and will go beyond the scope of work to meet the clients needs. Paul’s work in design and the follow through of the actual construction has been more than satisfactory. I feel that Paul works very well with Owner personnel in considering their input and incorporating their needs wherever possible. Paul responded well to budgetary and programmatic constraints. Communication between Architect and Owner was always quick, open, and to the point…

Donavon J, Harris, Architect, Project Officer

Washington State University

“I have been extremely pleased with the quality of work, the creative ideas, and the architect’s willingness to work with me to develop a quality child care center with meeting young children’s developmental needs as a major criteria. Paul Akiyama has made extensive efforts to become quite knowledgeable about special design needs, which are essential to a quality child care center….

Mary Ellen Ellsworth, Director

Everett Community College

“The words that express our philosophy of child care space and program have come to life under the creative and professional expertise of Paul Akiyama. Paul listened to all of our ideas, was willing to read through any materials that we provided, and was perceptive not only to the needs of the children, but also of the adult staff and parents…..

Cost factors enter into any building project. Paul stretched our minimum funding level and gave us maximum useable square footage….

Paul has excellent communicative skills and patience which was put to the test considering we built on the fourth property site that was considered, and that was working with multi-state agencies, namely Department of Social and Health Services, the State Board of Community College Education, Department of General Administration, and Everett Community College. He always had his work completed in a timely manner…..

Mary E. King, Coordinator Family Life, Early Childhood Education.

Nancy L. Spurgeon, Director Early Learning Center.

Pacific Cities

“Dear Jim: I want to express my appreciation for and satisfaction with Harris Tsang’s work on the First Interstate Parking Garage and Lobby remodel project. From before we negotiated the contract to the final punch list you and your staff have been a delight to work with. You met my design needs exactly, both aesthetically and functionally. You were directly responsible for a $200,000+ savings on a $2.9 million budget. Every day I spent working with the Harris Tsang team was a pleasure.

Paul Akiyama, Roy Cutler and Mary Cunningham-Smith all represent the highest standards of professionalism. They are competent, accessible and always available….

Mary Jo Porter, President

Marathon Senior Living Services, Inc

“Dear Paul, I would like to personally offer my thanks for the fine job you and the staff at Architects BCRA have done for the Arbor Village Retirement and Assisted Living Community in Kent, Washington. Your commitment to thoroughness, detail and planning certainly show well in the final construction documents for the project…”

George Lenes, President, Marathon Senior Living Services

Industrial Development International

“No project is dreaded more by a development management team than having to complete a fast track project for a very particular client in a city that is 1700 nautical miles away. Fortunately, Rushforth Construction was the selected contractor for this project and on behalf of Circuit City and myself; I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your entire organization for a job well done. It was a pleasure to work with Joe Mead, Paul Akiyama, and Robert Escalante…”

Robert Fischer, VP Construction.

Charles Wright Academy

“Thank you for your incredibly professional construction management and thoughtful consultation during the design and completion of our new middle school…your aggressive, calm, diplomatic, creative and thorough manner proved to be better than our fondest hopes. Time after time through thoughtful care you were able to stretch dollars and value in a way that was most unique in the industry…We were lucky to get an architect in construction management…You have a talent-a “panache”- for creatively reaching solutions at minimal cost and satisfactory results…Thanks to your pragmatic, disciplined efforts and considerable knack, we have successfully designed and built a school building that is the flagship of our institution on time within budget…

Casey Jones, CWA Project Manager.